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My Patriotic Veteran Story about Richard Anderson

My great grandpa is still living and is a World War 2 veteran. He was a navigator on a B 24 bomber called “The Shady Lady”. A navigator is a person who tells the pilot where to go. He had 2 brothers and 1 sister. He had to walk a mile and a half to school. He was born in 1923. Believe it or not but his birthday was on The Bombing Of Pearl Harbor! He enlisted at 20 into U.S Air Force. His basic training was in Shepherd, Texas. He was a Air student. He transferred to Spearfish, South Dakota where they started to first teach him how to fly. Then he transferred again to a Air Base outside of Las Vegas, where he learned how to fire the .50 Caliber inside of the planes. In 1944 he went to Aviation cadet training in Santa Ana, California where he learned how to identify enemy (Japan, Germany) and allied planes. Now yet again he transferred back to Texas where he completed his navigation training on June 10,1944. At the end of his navigation training he found out that he was going to Europe, but first he flew to Boise, to meet his crew and train with them. His training was now over. Then, he took a ship from Virginia to Naples, Italy. He was in Naples for a week. Then he took a train to an Airbase, that they called “Hiccup Field”. He and his crew’s first mission was to bomb Grease but his engine had issues so they had to turn around. Before one of his missions he got some almonds from an Italian child that made him sick. So he was unable to fly on that mission. It turns out he was very lucky, because the crew went out on their mission and on the way back the plane crashed and no one survived. Thank god for bad almonds! Mission 13: On his 13th mission on the “Shady Lady” they were heading to Germany to bomb an oil refinery. While over the oil refinery the sky looked black due to all of the anti aircraft weapons being fired and they were hit. The hit severed a fuel line which caused a engine to fail. So on the way back they didn’t have fuel and were starting to lose altitude and they lost another engine. Even worse he passed out because his oxygen mask froze up and he lost conscientious but the crew members saw it and revived him by chipping the ice out of the oxygen mask. Then as the plane got lower, and lower they had to bail out of the plane. They were never trained how to parachute. He and his crew jumped out. The pilot broke his ankle and he and the rest of the crew had minor injuries. Dick landed on an island just off the coast of Yugo Sovia, separated from the crew. He was picked up by some villagers on a donkey. They took him to the village were they fed him and cared for him. The crew all eventually met back up and that was the end of mission 13. Coming home he and one of his crews took the B-24 the plane that had started it all back to America. A year after he came home he met his wife in spring of 46. Now he is 94 years old and lives in Stromsburg, Nebraska. By the end of his tour of duty he had flown a total of 34 missions! He has 4 children, 8 grandchildren, and 11 great grandchildren, including me! This is the amazing story of my great grandpa, Dick Anderson.

By Brody Clark, and Brendan Mckay

This beacon is dedicated from me, Brody Clark and Miss. Wheeler's 6th grade class!